Phone: 01200 422548

Residential care

It is expected that residents will be self caring but may call on our onsite warden to help them to do so.

The warden acts as a good neighbour to each resident and checks each day that all is well. In an emergency the Warden will summon relatives or to call the doctor or other professional help that may be necessary. The Warden can also arrange temporary nursing care or the services of a home help for residents who may needed it.

Spiritual Care
A Chapel was incorporated into the Hospital at the express wish of the Founder. A Reader is appointed to also act as a good neighbour, and conduct services in the Chapel. There are two services of Morning Prayer and one of Holy Communion most weeks. The Trustees believe this is an important part of the community and many residents gain much comfort from this aspect of the Almshouses.

Single, widowed, and divorced ladies aged 65+ who are able to care for themselves. Priority is given to applicants living in parishes close to Waddington, or who have a relative living nearby.

Waddington Almshouses is a private charity run in accordance with the wishes of the Founder approved by the Charity Commission.

The Charity is administered by a body of trustees who give their services voluntarily. Day-to-day administration is carried out by the Warden and the Clerk.

Further details and an application form may be obtained from The Clerk to the Trustees Waddington Almshouses.